Black Merino 2

The result of a fascination with continuity, longevity and timelessness, Black Merino 2 is the third collection from the stylish Polish apparel brand THISISNON. Incorporating high-tech thermo insulation for better comfort, the collection is a true embodiment of THISISNON's manifesto—simple, perfectly tailored clothes for everyday life.

The brand offers only a few essential pieces and encourages respect for natural resources and professional craftsmanship. I'm particularly taken with multidisciplinary designer Michał Lenczewski (also visual media artist and architect) and photographer Kasia Bielska's stark, subtly noir art direction for the collection's campaign imagery.

Born from the founders' background in architecture, each piece is constructed with delicate regard of form and human proportions, eschewing patterns and decorative closures—nothing but raw, supreme tailoring with clean lines, few cuts and minimal stitching that coalesce into a noble silhouette.

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