One shape, two high-end materials and an origin story that is touching and professionally convincing: These are the ingredients of BLYSZAK eyewear, a brand-new line of sunglasses by Andrew Blyszak. Being a successful consultant to niche luxury fashion brands, Andrew Blyszak knew exactly what to do when he realized that he would not find the right replacement for his beaten up southern french flea market sunnies. He found ethically sourced horn by-product and also found the perfect artisan to shape it exactly like his beloved sunglasses. He mixed the design with coated grade-A steel and made sure the result would suit men as well as women.

Personally I prefer to think of all niche products as unisex to some degree. The collection has a genderless mood, which I think is reflected in the campaign imagery and true, the style sits well on both boys and girls. — Interview with sharpenedlead

He is so right about the campaign. And that is very much due to the immaculate images taken by Paul Jung, who is famous for his clear but avant-garde style. I love the way Andrew Blyszak used his expertise to create an everyday object with an enduring design which still has an eccentric feel to it. As he says himself: Mixing horn with metal won't be for everyone, but it definitely feels really good.

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