Chiyome FW15

New York City-based women's accessories brand Chiyome is launching their new Fall/Winter '15 collection this September.

Paying rigorous attention to minimalist design and materiality, the new collection is inspired by fine art and structural innovation. A study of varied texture, they analyse lush surfaces in contemporary art to define a collection that invites touch — a luxe material awakening.

Rich velvet Richard Serra etchings and hard satin Gerhard Richter mirrors translate into matte suede and patent leather, while wooden textures of blackened and painted ash panels are introduced to sharpen past silhouettes.

Chiyome focuses on thoughtful, considered design, which translates into production practices and community engagement in their manufacturing. Apart from their effort to maintain the heritage of leatherwork in NYC, they partner with the NY Asian Women’s Center to train and recruit skilled craftswomen from at-risk communities to produce their beautiful pieces.

Photography by Hanna Tveite.

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