Edition X

Berlin-based The Medley Institute’s Edition X brings subtle and minimal glistening gestures to the jewellery arena. The collection is a series of earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Each piece is either a thin or thicker version of the other and designed to wear as a collaboration of styles. Described as being multifaceted, they are beyond easy categorisation or interpretation. There is an overt edginess to the brand’s style, which clearly aids in being able to reach a non-typical niche audience also.

The Medley Institute brand has been built on the idea that tradition should be used as a starting point for innovation and contemporary design gestures. The idea that what has been learned from the past, can be savoured, and used as a launching pad to create nuances in new work that respectfully act as evolved children of their parents. Each year, The Medley Institute collaborates and presents a new collection as part of Paris Fashion week. This emphasis on staying aligned with trends, creating value and making their products accessible has been a large part of their success. Which, not surprisingly, has no sign of faltering any time soon.

Photography courtesy of Sabrina Theissen and hair and makeup by Anna Neugebauer.

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