Josh Goot Resort 16

A decade is a long time in the fashion industry these days. Australian minimalist style icon Josh Goot hit this important mark in 2015, and topped it off not only by overcoming structural mishaps, but also by refining his signature style and presenting a defining and extensive Resort 2016 collection. It is so rich in forward-looking silhouettes that it's hardly possible to present them all here. So make sure to have a look at the whole collection.

Every outfit in itself is a strong statement. At the same time Josh Goot's powerful signature look builds an overarching bracket around the collection. It is recognizably one piece of work. I love the broad variety of monochrome white outfits of which many are set in different shades of the non-color. It feels like diving into the very special sunlight of Australian beaches. Additionally the collection integrates colors and prints which are at first glance everything else but minimalist. But the way they are set and handled just emphasize the clear cut and reduced looks so typical for Josh Goot. It is very pleasing to know that Goot and his namesake label will keep on enriching the international fashion scene.

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