Lernert & Sander x COS

Lernert & Sander videos are remarkable not only for their eclectic nature and boundless exploration of themes; but also for their distinctive visual identity. The duo’s work is highly recognisable, especially their adoption of laboratory-like and monochrome aesthetics. A true exploration of what a controlled ambient can bring to the table, with a firm tongue in cheek in good measure.

A perfect match was made with COS, the Swedish fashion brand catering for those with a penchant for functional and, very modern, apparel. The Autumn/Winter 2015 collection comes along with a select colour palette and stark cuts. As with most minimalist fashion, some geometric pieces set the tone with strong tailoring, while other pieces are very light and basic. Set in a monochrome backdrop, the models make their garments shine.

The ad for COS is eye-catching from the get go, a striking round room housing a playful session of hula hoops. For each beat a new look is displayed for the viewer’s delight, an elegant and nimble concept with high impact; as great minimalism should be.

It’s always a pleasure to watch the intersection of high-conceptual art films with the ‘blink & you’ll miss it’ thrill of an ad.

Produced by Academy Films.

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