Serious but never severe, minimal but never simple, fragile but never weak. That is how Singapore based womenswear fashion label MAX.TAN describes the basics of their design. It is a description in which the inspiration for the Spring / Summer 2016 collection Thou shalt not is perfectly embedded. It plays with the notion of unachievable perfection.

Being inherently flawed, perfection is impossible to attain; yet we do not cease our endeavour to achieve this.

Inspired by the ten commandments, the team of MAX.TAN came up with its own rule: Thou shalt not design. Because in order to gain, one has to let go. This results in a collection with reduced but voluminous silhouettes. They seem to be simple, but in fact it is obvious they are carefully crafted to show such clear cut, precise outlines and drapery. Some of the pieces look like they've been deliberately destroyed as a last step. This heightens the authenticity of all pieces. And on top of that, the colour spectrum of soft white, bright red and shades of black is as archaic and contemporary, primitive and modern, old and new as the ten commandments themselves.

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