Melitta Baumeister FW15

When you speak to innovative people working in fashion education you’ll find that there is one piece of advice all of them would give to their pupils: Find new ways to create volume and interesting outlines in your garments. German-born and New York-based fashion designer Melitta Baumeister is one of the few young aspiring artists who managed to very uniquely claim this field for herself. Thus, her design decisions are very much linked to an experimental choice of fabrics and their combination. The Fall/Winter 2015 collection is dominated by a bonded material of velvet and foam, as well as a crinkled Tyvek.

Choosing comparably more black silhouettes than in her former collections, she sets a winterly, nightly mood. But over all, the effect of her outfits and styles is consistent: They cut out a piece of the person wearing them. In a way they create a graphic attachment to the body, sometimes feeling like a gate to a different world. On top of that, every outfit is perfect to create interesting photography: A modern approach to fashion design which is, after all, mainly conveyed through shared imagery these days.

Photography by Paul Jung.

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