Melitta Baumeister SS16

The latest Melitta Baumeister collection — created for Spring/Summer 2016 — stays true to the designer's idiosyncratic artistic principles. All black and white with silhouettes partly deforming the female body, partly emphasising its specific shapes, Melitta Baumeister again manages to bridge the gap between experimental and minimalist wardrobe, between art and design.

Her ongoing collaboration with photographer Paul Jung only pushes this very unique aesthetic forward, this time embedding the unwieldy style in the field of sportswear. While the technological, sometimes even industrial choice of fabrics is inherent and nothing new to the work of Melitta Baumeister, citing sportswear in this context feels like a logical next step. One is tempted to interpret it as a comment on the increasing life-stylisation of performance wear, questioning its functionality in much the same way her own work is frequently questioned. I very much enjoy the way Melitta Baumeister's beautiful work fans the discussion on what fashion can be.

Photography by Paul Jung.

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