Ore is the latest watch design in the Bulbul collection of modern Danish timepieces. The brainchild of Copenhagen-based collaborative KiBiSi, Ore is the most paired-down design in Bulbul's stock. According to KiBiSi:

The name Ore is a direct reference to the design process; By cleaning out superfluous details, Bulbul reduces its latest watch to its core. In other words, the Copenhagen-based company’s new timepiece taps into watch design’s essential ore.

I couldn't agree more: Ore is free from any unnecessary ornamentation. The wristwatch features a clean face framed in sleek steel. The watch is belted by a modest Italian leather band and steel clasp. Bulbul's signature blue nameplate, attached just above the clasp, adds a unique dash of colour without distracting from the watch's face. The varied palette ensures there is a watch to meet all tastes.

Ore ties in nicely with the other designs Bulbul's timepiece collection. The hands, straps, and colours are repeated, bringing a sense of continuity to a fresh design. I particularly enjoy the black on black watch. What could be more simple, elegant, or classic?

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