Rebranding Minimalissimo

Since 2009, Minimalissimo’s identity was focused on serif typography, specifically the beautiful Baskerville typeface. You may think this was an unusual choice considering serif type is undoubtedly maximal in form, however it helped shape an identity for Minimalissimo, but I suppose you could say that it never felt the most suitable option.

With this in mind, we felt there was a need to create a unique identity that not only communicates minimalism, but also closely aligns with our minimalist sensibilities found throughout our design articles.

Having already moved towards a logotype a few years ago using a single character, M, we wanted to continue with this concept. So we approached Italian graphic designer Alessandro Scarpellini to design a simple, minimal yet readable logotype.

Naturally adopting a sans-serif type, Scarpellini decided, having experimented with a number of typefaces, that Avenir would form the basis of Minimalissimo’s new identity. The logotype was then stripped back and reduced to show only the essence of the character, M. The result is a clean, minimal and relatable identity for Minimalissimo.

Less, but better.

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