Scott Benedictine

Scott Benedictine's latest Debut Capsule Collection epitomises the brand's ethos of slow fashion. The idea that the garments that we ornament ourselves with, that which we choose to use as a way to express our personalities actually has some deliberation. Rarely do we question the origins or the processes behind how and where such adornings have been, before wearing them. Scott Benedictine unapologetically, is all about that. The newly accessible label — previously all pieces were intentionally limited and bespoke — sees this combination of passion of purpose and accessibility to the masses combining heads.

Based in Melbourne, the brand of SB is embodied on principles of master tailoring, pre-treating, pre-shrinking and hand-treating all pieces. This is ever more evident in this new collection. There is a deliberate connection to a style and fit that goes beyond the expected. The intent is for the wearer to evolve their own sense of style and purpose for each piece. Each piece is also conceived on the premise of uni-sexuality, and the intended looseness and interpretation of fit. All of the branded elements use ethical manufacturers and are individually hand printed at local printers.

The sense of community and conscious enveloped in Scott Benedictine's work is quietly beautiful, and it’s intentional slowness is part of its charm; a quite fascinating charm.

Photography courtesy of Ray Ranoa, HMUA by Ollie Savage and Model Shayne by London Management Group.

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