Simon Freund

Typically, our features follow a certain structure. They begin by presenting the location and occupation of an individual who came up with certain objects or ideas. Presenting Berlin based Simon Freund isn't that easy. At first glance it's quite difficult to label precisely what he does. Technically he is neither a fashion designer nor a product designer, he is not an agency or a retailer. And that's exactly why his work is so interesting. Because at second glance he is all of the above. He himself describes his work as a very personal understanding of design, aesthetics and functionality.

Very personal indeed. All objects in his line are chosen to fulfill consumer needs in an elaborate but minimalist way. In terms of retail there is no obvious reason why Simon would come up with a line that combines textiles — like basic tees and shirts — with objects like ladders and metal chairs. At the same time this selection makes his work highly interesting to concept stores around the globe. Simon fully trusts his abilities in curation and we should, too. The beauty in his work is outstanding.

All products are produced in Germany. They are not limited, but come with a certificate of authenticity including the name of the product and a consecutive production number. The line will be delivered to carefully chosen stores next month, limited to one store per country. If you'd like to find out where, check Simon Freund's site for up-to-date info.

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