The Stone

The Horse’s The Stone is a beautiful and honest addition to their beautifully curated timepiece collection. Encased in stainless steel, the face is its own uniquely cut piece of stone. The result is altered vein patterns and a truly unique piece. Available in a 20mm black leather strap, there are two options for the face of the piece; black or white marble. Decorative, uncomplicated and made from natural, honest materials, the stone dials were lovingly produced from a raw stone sheet cut and polished to a low sheen.

Founded in 2009, The Horse is a Sydney based design firm, that initially started as a leather footwear label and has since evolved to offer timepieces and accessories. One differentiating factor amongst other offerings is the ability to choose and customize band to face options. Their philosophy centers around magnifying what is essential and editing out excess, with a commitment to ethical manufacturing. And the resulting beautiful pieces, such as The Stone, are a testament to their dedication to their ethos.

Photography courtesy of The Horse.

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