Vibe Johansson AW15

Danish womenswear designer Vibe Johansson sets a quiet tone with her Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. It is all about purity, shelter and a new awareness for sensory surroundings:

Turned off, faded out, allowing silence to fill our thoughts. When stripped from all exterior noise, one returns to self.

But what does that actually look like? Sculptured silhouettes are carefully built by immaculate layering. Lamb fur, heavy locked jersey and wool protect the wearer, while organza silk, sheer cotton and angora balance the weight and provide the collection with textured contrasts. Nevertheless, Vibe Johansson fulfils the promise of designing a style which suits your everyday life by completing the looks with tactile closures and functional zips. It is a pleasure to dive into detailed descriptions of this multilayered collection. But looking at the imagery of Hodur Ingason, it also very much speaks for itself.

Photography by Hordur Ingason, art direction by Marlo Saalmink, and styling by Vibe Johansson.

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