Villa F

Villa F is a holiday retreat sporting ultra-modern architecture. Hornung and Jacobi Architecture opted for a geometric and valiant project, keeping their eyes locked on sustainability and efficiency.

Lately the charming, but impractical, concrete cantilevers are celebrated on numerous outstanding projects, and although other materials are often used and explored in buildings of all kinds, lightweight materials are still reserved for secondary elements. In Villa F’s case, the main structure of the house is made in plaster coated timber, making for an audacious move. The house is mainly spread horizontally, with a fractal-like vertical hub for the master bedroom.

Technical solutions meet alluring visual elements throughout the residence, and maintaining a resolute minimalist tone was a victory in itself. Sharp angles and open spaces makes this house a case study on the right balance of interior and exterior living, always showcasing the magnificent view the villa offers.

Villa F is a gutsy project, and it wouldn’t look out of place in down-to-earth science fiction movies and editorials.

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