Beau Bertens

Beau Bertens is an independent graphic designer from the Netherlands who encourages a sophisticated, pared down dialogue between content and form. With work ranging from books and magazines to websites and identities, Beau's approach is conceptual, frequently monochrome and focused on considered typography, allowing these elements a balanced playfield in which content shines through.

Collaborating across disciplines is also part of the designer’s vernacular — together with textile designer Eline Ceelen, Bertens developed a series of wearable designs called OCTA, born from experimentation and refined along with the process. We’re also intrigued by Beau Bertens’ minimalist photography, where colour and shape create striking compositions that feel like part of a haunting narrative.

Perfect Basics
Visionary Audio Eyewear
Fight for Fresh Skincare
Publisher of Creative Books
A Less but Better Timepiece
Minimal Office Accessories