Let us start with an important question: What makes a minimalist interior design? Evidently, it is a question with a wide variety of answers, each one pulling towards a diverse portrait of simplicity. UK-based studio Extravagauza answers their bid with a graceful and candid project named Calacatta, an exotically named but aptly familiar direction for the beautiful master bedroom and bathroom.

Calacatta is the luxurious white marble with a tinge of grey fissures, making for a dynamic and classic visual. In a bold move, the architects elected the unyielding material to be the main visual feature as the central wall in the boudoir, a true statement and trust of the intricacies such a choice might entail. This is the turning point, as this ostentatious element might overwhelm on its own — the interior design was carefully chosen with a minimalist shade in mind to counterpoise. Clean cut geometry and simple materials are the designers answer to the ever-complex question at the outset.

An interesting variation in rhythm is present throughout the rooms: an asymmetric lamp sits by the bed, the grid-like repetition of the glass closet, and black steel is adopted in every detail with square-like finishing’s in the bathroom. This project never loses sight of amplitude and visual lightness as a constant feature for the guest.

Extravagauza premiered with a courageous bid. It is a promising studio to keep an eye on, as they evolve their minimalist grip on future endeavours.

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