Fasted Tableware Series

Studio Dessuant Bone’s Fasted Tableware Series is a direct play on the objects surrounding us and their representation. Designed as part of an exhibition in Milan in 2015 ‘A Stomaco Vuoto’ and curated by DWA Studios, the muse was to create and respond through objects, words and projects on themes of fasting. The series sees a collection of tableware pieces that are purposefully non-functional as a response to the fasting theme. Comprised of blue metal against a grid-like background, the result sees a graphic that closely resembles a sketch.

Based in Paris, Studio Dessuant Bone is a collaborative studio that works to create space, furniture and objects through collaborations, brand awareness and other creative mediums. The studio specialises in an overall design direction, specific product and also interior design. At the core of their workings is a fundamental research base. Their purpose is to be the conduit between the concept and the creation. The Fasted Tableware Series is a well-calculated and beautifully executed example of their ethos.

Photography courtesy of Studio Dessuant Bone.

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