House B

Impeccable minimalist architecture is something we've always been passionate about and it's also synonymous with Swiss studio E2A Architects' work. Founded by brothers Piet & Wim Eckert, their latest residential project, House B, is a gorgeous geometric concrete structure that maximises natural light.

Located along the Zurich Goldcoast, the house is designed to do something different from its uniform suburbs. It's building a location with clear boundaries. An enclosure of walls and hedges: territorial and hard from the outside, a soft, private garden from the inside. The house assimilates this relationship between interior and exterior. Two new outdoor spaces were created: an entry courtyard and a courtyard garden. In between, there's the part of the house with the main entrance and a garden apartment. Only a protruding window on the north side reveals the actual scale and true size of the house.

The interior is something to behold. Maintaining an immaculate concrete finish throughout, the central kitchen is surrounded by the dining room and a two-storey living room with a stunning studio quality and light from the north-east — all leading directly to the terrace.

A comparatively muted house, and that's exactly why I find House B so utterly charming.

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