House in Messaria

This beautiful white house on the Greek island of Santorini consists of a series of staggered blocks that emulate the traditional housing on the Cyclades. A family retreat designed by Greek architects Alexandros Kapsimalis and Marianna Kapsimali in the outskirts of the village of Messaria.

Each room of the residence is contained within a white-rendered block and stacked irregularly to give the house an asymmetric form. This arrangement gives sea views to the northeast, to the village of Pirgos to the south, and to a small southeast-facing garden where the residents grow their own vegetables.

White walls and pale grey floors feature throughout creating a bright and spacious appearance, and the lounge features are simple built-in furniture that are in keeping with the clean-cut concept of the building.

This traditional cubistic architecture is clearly influenced by Modernism and I love this contemporary translation found in the villages of Santorini.

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