Jil Sander Berlin Flagship

The fashion brand Jil Sander has a new flagship store located in Berlin. Designed by Milan-based firm Andrea Tognon Architecture, the store highlights the brand's high-end offerings in a lovely, minimal setting.

The space is designed with clean lines and polished materials. Simple geometric shapes define various spaces in the store, while a palette of marble, bronze, and gold upholds the brand's reputation for elegance. Sculpture-like clothing racks mingle with gilded display cases and marble tables; all are illuminated by an impressive ceiling of low-hanging track lighting. At the centre of the store, a blue silk rug adds an exciting pop of colour.

Andrea Tognon's design makes for a shopping experience that is more akin to browsing an art gallery than a retail store. The experience is undoubtably dramatic and memorable, creating an aesthetic that supports Jil Sander's offerings while solidifying the brand's status in the contemporary luxury market.

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