Juergen Teller Studio

The Juergen Teller Studio in London is a series of three buildings and gardens for photographer Juergen Teller. Designed by 6a Architects, this studio is located on a long and narrow site in the heart of the city. An unassuming brick building from the outside, this dwelling contains offices, a studio space, a library and archive, and a kitchen space. The gardens are located in between the various rooms and provide additional space for the occupants.

Most of the studio is constructed in poured concrete, but the application of the concrete changes depending on the surface. The floors feature smooth, polished concrete, while the walls sport a tile look. Lighting was a particular challenge, given that is so crucial to a photographer's work. 6a Architects solved this problem with northern facing windows in the roof and walls overlooking the gardens.

Being a photographer's workspace, there was not much of a need for many furnishings. Built-in shelving and a long kitchen island provide enough storage and functionality. Soft, sheer curtains diffuse the natural light when needed, while a multitude of pendants hang from the ceiling throughout the structure. A bit of metal accents on the stair rails and lights is just enough to offset the industrial coolness of the concrete.

The Juergen Teller Studio is a simple and practical space where creativity reigns.

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