Magne Turntable

The call for nostalgia is usually regarded as a downfall of design. However, I would argue against this for a few cases, one being the Magne Turntable.

Designed by Danish studio Bergmann Audio, the product borrows its name from the son of Thor in Nordic mythology. Magne possessed divine strength, and the design reflects that vitality. Made with minimal geometry, each metal plate and component complements each other by emulating an aggressiveness, cutting into each other with great precision at symmetrical angles. Being an airbearing turntable, Magne gives undisrupted tunes with brilliant clarity. I especially appreciate each detail of the wholesome design, where anchors are holding pieces together. Complex looking, the details completely contrast the overall minimalistic design, yet managed to stay subtly elegant. Those moments are what make this truly a formal instrument.

Adapting a vintage music player with an ancient myth, Bergmann defies the misconception about nostalgia to create a majestic minimal piece of art that is Magne.

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