Nero Triangle Clutch

Minima’s Nero Triangle Clutch is a genuine object of envy. The origami-like arrangement of beautifully folded Italian vegetable tanned pieces of leather, is expertly conceived and executed. Purposed to age gracefully and develop a patina, adding a uniqueness, the clutch is handcrafted and an overt labour of craftsmanship and love. Available in three varying leather colours — mandala, tan and the (featured) nero — the additional strap eases wear for the user, as well as adding a statement piece to the overall picture.

Based in Perth, Australia, Minima is headed by Amanda, who divides her time between her Australian and Hong Kong studios. The collection sees a number of bags and leather goods, all minimal and beautifully curated. Each piece is handmade; we don’t believe in mass production, and we don’t use machines, meaning that the product has been thoughtfully constructed; a rarity minimal in form, and pushing the envelope of the traditional clutch or fashion bag, Minima have nailed the statement geometric adornment.

Photography courtesy of Travis Hayto.

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