One of Those

One of Those is an Italian perfume brand with the slogan is tracks for humans, and features a fantastic minimalist packaging design — a hermetic polystyrene shell that has to be broken by the user to reach the bottle. Easy, simple and original, this concept really makes an important difference compared to other brand packaging.

Inside, a cylindrical and transparent bottle follows with the simple and neutral identity of the whole brand, that offers eight different perfumes based on the Elements of the Periodic Table — hydrogen, helium, lithium, carbon, oxygen, sulphur, mercury and curium — represented by their symbol and atomic number.

If you, like me, are curious about the brand name, this is the story:

If change is the natural law of existence, so nu_be is passing. It is none other than "a human artefact which claims the irrevocable discovery of our origins and reflects all of the wonderful and ugly aspects of human beings and how we interact with the physical world. It is transformation, regeneration, metamorphosis, like the Elements of the Periodic Table that draw it in a compact and elegant form.

Nu_be is one of those: one of those Elements, universal traces of cosmic memory.

We are one of those.

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