S Apartment

S Apartment is a gorgeous blend of materials, textures, and colours. The dwelling is designed by Right Angle Studio, located in Singapore. The open-concept floor plan features a living room, built-in kitchen, and bedrooms on the second level. The colour palette is simple but elegant: tans, greys, and wood tones are prevalent in both the architecture and furnishings.

The apartment appears to be inspired by nature; the residence has the light, breezy feel of a beach or prairie. Soft wood accents are incorporated throughout, tying the rooms together and adding an element of warmth to the whole interior. A main element in the living room contributes to the natural aesthetic; a potted tree, highlighted by an accent light, is set in it's own corner nook. The leafy green decor pairs perfectly with the rest of the apartment and successfully brings a bit of the outdoors inside.

My favourite room in S Apartment is the kitchen. Wood cabinetry blends with the rest of the interior and is offset by a glossy black backsplash. A white quartz bar juts from the wall and provides a bit of separation from the rest of the apartment.

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