Villa CD

Villa CD is a lovely private residence built on the sand dunes of the Belgian seaside. Designed by Office O Architects, this home utilises its challenging site to create a truly unique and gorgeous dwelling.

The front of the home appears as a single level rectangular form; it is only in the back that we are revealed to a two-story structure embedded into the dunes. An impressive cantilever supports the upper floor while adding aesthetic interest to an otherwise simple structure. Oversized windows line most of the façade, granting views of the sea and sand. A concrete wall along the street side preserves the residents' privacy, while cutouts in the wall allow a peek to the outside.

The interior is characterised by a plethora of concrete floors and walls against a white backdrop. Soft curtains draw along the wide windows, embracing privacy without sacrificing natural light. Dark wood furnishings, much of which are built-in, add warmth and depth to the dwelling spaces.

Thoughtful design and careful planning led Villa CD to become a captivating home where beauty and function merge seamlessly.

Photography by Tim Van de Velde.

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