Villa J2

Villa J2 is a lovely family home in Sweden designed by Jonas Lindvall of the Swedish multidisciplinary design firm Lindvall A & D.

Family life was a central goal of this design, therefore the home was planned with a central hub for social interaction. This main area is located on the ground floor and includes the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. A patio leads from the living room, encouraging congregation both outside and in. A large spiral staircase takes a prominent place in the design, acting as both a functional and artistic element. A library and study are situated at the top of the stairs, along with an outdoor terrace. The bedrooms are located at the far end of the house, accessed by a large hallway.

The exterior of Villa J2 reads as a sculptural form, white and dramatic, with splashes of soft illumination where the windows and doors are cut in. Overall, Villa J2's thoughtful design supports cooperative family life while providing its residents with a place of aesthetic beauty.

Photography by Åke E:son Lindman.

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