Vipp Salt & Pepper

Made using solid stainless steel for the swivel top and durable and adjustable ceramic for the grinder, the minimalistic Vipp Salt & Pepper mill set stands out through its quality and clean lines, as part of the Vipp Kitchen Tools collection.

Each detail has been carefully considered, with a practical base in powdercoated aluminium as well as the rubber element of the base, which can be easily removed for cleaning.

Chief Designer at Vipp, Morten Bo Jensen, tells us:

In the design process, we often perceive a Vipp product as a tool, which will be used to produce or achieve something — a tool that should preferably have a long lifespan. The Vipp salt and pepper mill is designed based on this line of thinking. As a result of strong materials, a ceramic grinder and particular focus on the sound experience, it is a tool that highlights the experience of quality every single time it is used.

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