Alfil (Mortar & Pestle)

Inspired by Colombian forms and culture, designer David Del Valle and studio Tu Taller Design focus on abstracting and reinterpreting everyday objects that strike a beautiful balance of function and form.

This is the case of the elegant Alfil mortar and pestle, that takes its shape from Quimbaya civilisation artefacts, characterised by smooth edges and a single colour finish. Alfil is not only a kitchen implement but also a piece of Colombian design that evokes with its form and concept, the country.

It's available in black and is designed to be durable due to its special resin and nonporous composition. The two pieces fit perfectly inside one another and they can be used to grind or crush spices, seeds or substances to be consumed.

I always like these design exercises that are inspired by historical objects, and reinterpreted to create a new object with its own distinctive character.

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