House in Akitsu

Situated on the water in a peninsula of Hiroshima, Japan is House in Akitsu; a modern build by Kazunori Fujimoto Architects. The home is composed of two rectangular volumes that intersect at the front of the structure. This point of intersection creates a grand entrance with a long patio and a wide set of stairs leading to the entry. Concrete covers the entire façade, with a few select openings for windows and doors. House in Akitsu's street presence is so striking: the blocky home doesn't hide it's distinctly modern aesthetic.

Entering the home on the upper story, one is ushered into the kitchen and living areas. These rooms feature tall ceilings and large windows overlooking the Seto Inland Sea. Against tradition, the bedrooms are located on the cosier first floor. This level is built every so slightly into the ground, allowing for lower ceilings and more of a sense of privacy than the dramatic, built-for-entertaining living space above.

Reminiscent of an ancient fortress, the entire interior features polished concrete walls, floors, and ceilings. The monochromatic design is broken up by the many oversized windows that bring the blues and greens of the landscape inside. The highlight of the interior is the concrete spiral staircase that falls from the ceiling in one gorgeous sweeping motion. This organic piece of design juxtaposes the home's linear construction without seeming out of place.

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