INVENTERY Mechanical Pen

A pen may be an impossibly common object, exiled to a simple embodiment with cheap material and solely practical use. On the other hand, a pen may be the epitome of detail and mechanical engineering as a pocket sized solution. Blazing the trail, for a sleek variation of the latter category, is INVENTERY Refined Goods—a Los Angeles-based design house specialised in modern stationary and accessories.

The INVENTERY Mechanical Pen is a minimalist take on the premium accessory, taking the canonical shape using a single brass rod as its main draw. The pen is entirely made of metal, weighing 57g, a true technical statement of industrial design. Making this product genuinely meant to last a lifetime. An additional twist comes in the decision to take the subtle path, as the traditional click is nowhere to be found; a silenced mechanism is an intrinsic part of the design.

The unibody pen comes in four different finish variations: the classic brass, the elegant black Onyx and the variation of glossy or brushed Chrome. As expected from a premium brand, each product comes with its own serial number. Last but not least, it's branding identity begins with a gorgeous black box sporting gorgeous golden typography. Attention to detail on all fronts.

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