LEGO House

LEGO House was designed by Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group, also know as BIG. Located in the town where LEGO was invented, Billund, Denmark, LEGO House is a gallery and experience centre for fans to explore the world of LEGO. Featuring room after room of play areas and exhibits, LEGO house encourages creativity and amusement.

Despite the colourful surprises held within, LEGO House features a sophisticated and minimalist exterior. The house features 21 overlapping blocks centred around a plaza. Adorned all in white bricks, the façade is clean but not over simplified. To me, it is very emotive, capturing the allure of stacking LEGO bricks together.

The connection between architecture and LEGO has long been enjoyed by design enthusiasts. Whether modelling famous buildings or personal creations, many have used these toys as a means for design expression. With LEGO House, BIG created a structure that not does not only hold our favourite bricks, it evokes them from every angle. BIG fulfils our wildest dreams: finally a house made of LEGO!

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