Minimalism Life

Six months ago we started a side project with an idea of creating the ultimate home for minimalism, seamlessly bringing together minimalism in design, travel and well-being. We partnered with our friends The Minimalists, who recently released an incredible documentary on minimalism living, and 5 STYLE, who have a super eye for minimalist design and travel. We wanted to appeal to those seeking and those experienced in living a simple life with fewer distractions, but also to creatives who are interested in design and those looking to see and experience more of the world through a minimalist lens. In essence, Minimalism Life's purpose is to help you live more with less, through well-curated, insightful and inspiring content.

We're super excited to announce that this week saw the launch of the site — — and with it Volume Nº1: Silence & Space. The site offers free access to a journal and some beautifully designed wallpapers, but the protagonist is the thematic quarterly volumes, which we would love you to subscribe to.

It's a young project, but one we're confident will grow over the course of the year. We'd love your support and for you to also get involved as we invite you to collaborate with us to curate Minimalism Life's Instagram and let your writing take stage through the journal.

Subscribe today.

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