Minimalism Life x Unsplash

Live more with less the Unsplash way.

As part of our lifestyle brand—Minimalism Life—we recently collaborated with Unsplash to curate a very beautiful Minimalism collection, which you can bookmark and use yourself. It features high-quality photographs captured by the wonderful Unsplash community, with minimalist compositions and a beautiful array of colours. The collection is focused on encapsulating a minimalist aesthetic, touching on architecture, furniture, nature and lifestyle shots—each as inspiring as the next.

Unsplash is a large and generous community of photographers that offers free high-quality and high-resolution photos for you to use in any way you want.

Minimalism Life is a collaborative project between Minimalissimo, The Minimalists and 5 STYLE, and is based on the idea of living a more focused and fulfilling life with fewer meaningless material possessions and fewer distractions. We publish a weekly journal and quarterly thematic online volumes. Subscribe today with a 15% discount with code: fallforminimalism

Discount ends on 31 December.

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