Runwell Turntable

Shinola’s Runwell Turntable is its own metallic marvel, set to impress even the most doubted players. Every considered component that comprise its every intricate detail has been ever-so-evidently, laboured over, and as a result, worth a quiet salivation. The vinyl is undeniably back; that crackling somber tone of times past, and this piece, in all its glory, is a modern take on a means to bringing the loved nostalgia to a new life. Conceived and built in Detroit, Michigan, the Runwell Turntable is the birth-child of Shinola and Alex Rosson. The return of the all-American-made is a strong spine of inspiration for this team; we know there’s not just a history in Detroit, there is a history. And I challenge you to think of a better pairing than this audio classic.

Officially released this summer, this turntable is a modern classic. Compact in its technology and a beautiful industrially designed piece as well. Also a leather, watch and bike manufacturer, Shinola sees this expansion as a natural and well-impassioned one. The delivery of audiophile quality performance in a plug and play unit exemplifying the Shinola modern American aesthetic, featuring solid steel and aluminium machined components atop a sleek wooden base. It is also belt driven, and the Runwell comes complete with a friction-free all-metal tonearm, a modular phono preamplifier and a moving phono cartridge. Not that it needs further convincing, but the encasing and beautifully minimalist aesthetic is one to be admired as well. All-American is getting a new name, and a good one in fact.

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