White Wolf Hotel

The objective was, from the starting point, holistic. Since the first moment we knew this was going to be a special project. The challenge to create a place that eulogies nature, a special place dedicated to the body and spirit according to the clients alternative ways of living, and even the perception of life itself.

With this particular client requirement, creative strategists in architecture and design AND-RÉ developed White Wolf Hotel. The project sees a series of buildings intimately related to their surroundings—a rich natural environment found in Penafiel, in the North of Portugal.

The facilities were separated in five different buildings, all white and characterised by basic, clean and direct geometric forms. The lower floors—dedicated to common daily uses—are totally permeable to light due to their translucent walls. Meanwhile the upper bedroom floors are more private but also opened to the exterior through generous skylights above the bed, allowing star watching before sleep.

The objective was to create a space of calm, intimacy, meditation and retreat, and it was completely reached in this daydream hotel.

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