Koop Chair

Created by Egyptian-born and Canadian-raised industrial designer Karim Rashid for the Finnish furniture company Martela, Koop was designed to provide much-needed visual privacy in modern day life—as well as offer some sound protection—because of its egg-like shape, generating a comfortable space to read, work on a laptop or have a private phone call. I'm pretty sure you could sleep in this chair too.

In a world where straight edges, sharp angles and hard lines are more typical, Karim Rashid's products stand out by their organic, soft and round forms, with the Koop chair a great example of this style.

With a concealed swivel base, the chair structure is made of fibreglass painted and available in several colours—white, green, light blue, purple or metallic grey—and features a soft upholstered interior with a great feeling of comfort and warmth that invites its user to take a seat.

Thought for residences or offices, Koop can be used alone or in groups, generating a fantastic contrast in spaces with straight lines and angular architecture.

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