LED Carrie Lamp

Norm Architects' LED Carrie Lamp has become quite the subtle and clever luminaire staple. Designed for manufacturer Menu, this portable USB charged lamp is a serious game-changer. Seen and utilised as a table lamp, lantern, outdoor lamp and also as a hanging wall sconce, the versatility of this piece is unexpected. As a line extension to the Carrie Vase and Hurricane by Norm Architects, also for Menu, this slight and rechargeable lamp is fit for, quite literally, any occasion. As with all well-considered Danish design, the element of ‘hygge’ is ever present, and of course, ever welcomed.

Perfectly-sized for portability, 245mm in height and a diameter of 135mm, this 3.2W lamp the Carrie Lamp pulls a serious punch with its functionality also. Available in a white or black powder-coated steel frame finish, the glass bulb is beautifully crafted and manufactured. The handle can also be easily removed if a more stationary, or classic look is preferred. Both Menu and Norm Architects, being based in Copenhagen, this along with many other design-mused collaborations have always been inevitable, and this piece a nicely curated trajectory to that story.

The LED Carrie Lamp is seamless in its formal qualities, slight in size and solidly delivers on the functionality and adaptability fronts. A design icon already, this minimal and handsomely delivered offering most definitely reinforces Menu’s ethos; to make the world better, less complicated and a little nicer to wake up to. Can’t argue with that.

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