Paper Studies

Although he defines himself as an amateur photographer, Indonesia-born Rangga Setiadi has created Paper Studies; a remarkable series that deserves to be celebrated. Setiadi loves architecture, still life, and conceptual photography with a minimalist perspective, so in this context, he explains to us how Paper Studies was conceived:

I’m interested in creating conceptual photos with paper objects because I see white paper like something holy and pure. When I look at white paper, I like to find silence, solitude, and calm. Creating a minimalist concept photo with a paper object for me is like making abstract painting, installation art, or poetry.
The photographs are perfectly executed and certainly encapsulate minimalist sensibilities through grey tones and shadows that look almost unreal. Setiadi also tells us that each shape, fold, and shadow has a personal meaning to him, with codes that create a simple, quiet, and mysterious feeling, and that each person will interpret these forms for themselves. I’ll certainly never tire of seeing these papers.
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