We’re seeing increasing waves of minimalism come from Brazil in recent years and someone who exemplifies this is product designer Pedro Paulø-Venzon. He designs minimalist and conceptual interiors and artefacts, including chairs, side tables, and lamps with distinctly sharp and curved shapes.

We may look to review his entire body of work in the near future, but today we’d like to celebrate one design in particular—Profana—a remarkably elegant, lightweight, and minimal floor lamp for Matter Made. Profana is a hybrid of floor lamp and wall sconce designed as a meditative look at encounters between fundamental forms. Named after a collection of essays by the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben, Profana’s exaggerated scale of slender steel frames allude to grand architectural spaces.

Matter Made is an American manufacturer of contemporary lighting, furniture, and objects. Their minimal works are superbly crafted with an unwavering commitment to the highest level of refinement and finish, making pieces that will last a lifetime.

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