When I think of Copenhagen I think of sea gulls. I think of crisp air, bicycles, good food, and a city skyline of medium-rise houses interrupted only by masts. It is a place that combines a feeling of home with a yearning for the world and balances busy urban excitement with domestic calm. Nordgreen has successfully taken the atmosphere of the Danish capital and turned it into a beautifully minimalist watch.

This watch, while being pleasantly low-key, is, at the same time, impossible to overlook. Thanks to Danish designer Jakob Wagner, it combines a pure, sophisticated exterior with straight-forward functionality. Minimalism and simplicity—core values of Scandinavian design—are essential to Jakob’s work. In the past he has become known for making headsets for Bang & Olufson, but has also designed diving computers and firefighter breathing apparatus. Jakob seeks to make products of integrity, that are complete as they are and make their owners happier every time they use them. With this watch design, he has achieved just that.

The three watch models—the Philosopher, the Infinity, and the Native—are available in various sizes and three different high-quality materials. Also, the straps are interchangeable and can be customised to any occasion. Apart from its aesthetic, every owner is given another choice: Nordgreen represents the Danish values of quality design and an ethical lifestyle. While aiming for a product that is affordable for everyone, the company also wishes to give something back to the world. Therefore, a CSR strategy has been implemented to promote sustainability across the globe. Every customer can choose from three meaningful causes that his or her purchased watch will support. Thus, every watch is eventually linked to either two months of education for a child in India, two months of clean water to a person in Central Africa, or the protection of 200m2 of rainforest in Latin America.

Inspired by the city of Copenhagen, Nordgreen has made a watch whose design is timeless; which makes a strong statement by politely refraining from overstatement. And, who knows, looking down at your wrist, you might even hear a sea gull cry.

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