Maison Kamari


Maison Kamari is an elegant white home on the island of Paros in the Greek Aegean Sea. Designed by Natasha Deliyianni and Yiorgos Spiridonos of React Architects, this dwelling promotes a lovely balance between ancient island and modern architecture.

From afar, the structure is defined by tall white walls and sharp angles. Small windows and covered terraces protect from the harsh sunlight, while the many outdoor lounges allow the residents to soak up as much as they wish. A small courtyard provides the perfect balance of indoor/outdoor resting space. Stairs play an important role in this structure: one staircase leads dramatically down to the pool, while another rises to the roof deck among the sky and stars. The interior is kept simple so as not to distract from the view. White decor compliments the exterior and soft, tan linens reflect the warm tones of the trees and hills.

I love the contrast of the white walls against the blue sky and arid landscape. The home's whiteness accentuates the landscape's beauty, while the reverse is equally true. The variety of spaces in Maison Kamari allow plenty of room to admire the beauty of the scenery, house, or, most likely, both.

Photography by Damien de Medeiros.

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