La Cueva


Minimalissimo’s favourite Abraham Cota Paredes Arquitectos returns with yet another project worthy of praise and analysis. La Cueva is a Jalisco-based residence, in Mexico, with a strong opening statement with its geometric outer shell, vying for ultimate privacy and austerity. A modernist cube with a single window and an unassuming vertical line. Even though it is an interesting opening remark, the inside program sports the exact opposite intention.

On the flip-side, the residence offers as much amplitude as possible. The main access gives leeway to what is the first floor, with the actual ground floor being further down. Visually, not only does a visitor sees an immaculate interior program, but also a glimpse of the top of a tree inside the house—the tour de force for The Cave. It is a direct reference to another beloved project from the same team, Casa V. This time around the tree is much bigger and isn’t protected by a pool, it is purposely inside the social area.

The relationship between the double height main room and the rest of the house is crucial to the triumph of this project. The openness and freedom of movement that is gifted to the inhabitants cannot be undermined, as both floors are intertwined by a single element. The minimalist aesthetic is masterfully embraced to ensure light and breadth throughout.

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