Candamill Fall 15

Candamill‘s Fall 2015 collection sees a series of clean lines manifest as adornment. The accessories collection is a series of small, medium and larger-than-medium women’s hangbags, all minimally constructed and conceived. Using a strict palette of neutrally-muted leathers, together with metal accents, the shapes and resulting beautiful curation of pieces is a nod to their mid new-century infused design aesthetic.

Based in New York City, Canadmill is born from the ethos of a label of high-quality pieces with an emphasis on balance and composition. The brother-and-sister label has been the evolution of both creatives having had expansive and diversified backgrounds in art, fashion and design. The idea that their pieces imbue a sense of opulence in simplicity is ever true in this Fall 2015 collection. A collection of time and seamless pieces, Canadmill and their impressive aesthetic, is one to watch.

Photography courtesy of Candamill.