Combiplex Table

Swedish furniture brand Fogia have been creating customised solutions for homes, offices, restaurants, and hotels for over 30 years, and it is one of their most iconic, original, and minimalist designs in the form of the Combiplex Table that is celebrated in this instance.

The Combiplex Table is one of Fogia’s earliest pieces, and a pioneering one at that. The original founders of Fogia discovered a new way of bonding glass and plexiglass, enabling them to create unique products like the Combiplex series.

Fogia’s original name was Combiplex, for a very simple reason. The two founders had a vision of creating a table that combined glass and acrylic. Together, they managed to develop a way to join sections of Plexiglas and the result was stylish transparent tables and side shelves. Fogia’s name still references the Swedish word for join, in tribute to this very table.