Duvetica Milano Shop

I am a huge fan of Tadao Ando, so I was incredibly excited when I found out he was designing a store in Milan. This is the Duvetica Milano Shop, which is a store and showroom for Duvetica’s luxurious down jackets. The shop is located inside an existing warehouse building. Ando uses two large walls made of exposed concrete, one of his favorite materials, to form the interior spaces. A horizontal slit is cut in one of the walls and used to display the colorful jackets. The opposite concrete wall holds a skylight and the building’s access routes.

This is a small store, but it has a big personality. The exposed concrete is a perfect backdrop for Duvetica’s jackets. This material creates a dramatic, cold, and isolated mood which enhances the warm, fluffy coats. I love how the coats are displayed gallery-style against the wall. It makes them feel special and unique. This store is a perfect example of commercial minimalism, and a lovely example of Ando’s precise design style.