Minimalissimo Top 10 of 2017

2017 has been an exciting year for Minimalissimo. It saw a successful website relaunch, Magazine Volume N°1 sold out and our online interview section started to grow. Time for a recap on what you liked best about 2017. Not surprisingly, many of the articles that got most of the attention presented architecture. But we also have an art project by a jewellery designer and a stunning photography project that grabbed your attention. Have a look below.

The answer is direct: to minimise materials and to simplify the mechanics. While it’s theoretically simple, it’s fairly complex to execute.

House in Alfama

In May of 2017 our colleague Jillian Japka wrote a feature on the Portuguese House in Almafa. According to your comments on Instagram you loved it, found it cool and thought it had an interesting vibe. It became the most read and shared article of 2017.

House PS3H

In second spot of 2017 is Mateus Andrade’s feature on the House PS3H by Igor Sirotov, published in July. Your comments suggested that this was your dreamhouse, that you loved its simplicity and you found its atmosphere soothing.

LEGO House

The Lego House by the Bjarke Ingels Group made a huge impression on you, too. Though this feature was only published in November of the fading year, it made it onto the podium in third place. Your comments were obsessed with the white overhang style, with the idea of tiles in minimalism and with the sleekness of the architecture.


Place four is held by an amazing spectacles concept created by RELVÃOKELLERMANN and written up by Nhat Vo. FRAME minimises materials, simplifies mechanics and looks stunningly beautiful. While it was still a concept when we published the article in March, we really hope that FRAME comes to life in 2018.

Zarid House

June 2017 brought us a feature on the Zarid house, nestled on the coast of Cádiz, Spain. According to your comments you were not only stunned by the superb minimalism of this house, but also by the amazing photography.

Dunes: Landscapes Evolving

In May, Gian Marco Tosti wrote an article about a project by photographer and filmmaker Drew Doggett. Dunes: Landscapes Evolving stars the incredibly beautiful scenery of the Sossusvlei dunes in Namibia and their reshaping over time.

Manual Collection

The multi-talented Agata Bieleń made it into our top 10 list not with one of her immaculate jewellery collections but with a series of graphic artworks published under the title Manual Collection described by Bronwyn Marshall. With an education and experience as both interior designer and architect under her belt, it’s no surprise that Agata Bieleń’s venture into another realm of design is beautifully minimalist as well.

GN Apartment

In eighth position we turn to interior design. The GN Apartment by Francesc Rifé Studio shows that minimalist architecture doesn’t need to stick to a white interior. Pinewood floors and strong black features provide warmth and a dramatic flair.

JR Loft

In ninth spot we have an evergreen that’s been revisited in 2017 by Mateus Andrade. It is the JR Loft by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects. The contemporary Belgian architecture made you fall in love with it all over again. You commented with emojis in a range between hearts and black and white tiles. You appraised the loft as being perfect. Which is probably due to the architect’s laudable balance between classic mid-century charm and contemporary minimalism.

Annaleena's Private Home

And finally, the private home of famous interior designer Anna Leena Karlsson made it into our top 10 list as well. Your enthusiastic comments under the beautiful images describe it as peaceful and gorgeous while some of you are afraid that your kids might knock over the carefully arranged vases.