Keep on Turnin’

Keep on Turnin’ is a minimal stereo system by German designer Valerie Hebel that combines analog and digital music in one sleek item. The all-in-one arrangement includes a turning table, CD player and an iPod docking station. It even has a cool colourful storage compartment for your vinyls. Thanks to its elegant appearance, Keep on Turnin’ does not look like a piece of technology, but rather makes an aesthetic statement in the space it occupies. Here is how the designer describes it:

Listening to vinyl is a way of life: the gentle lowering of the needle, the uniform rotation of the plate, the characteristic cracking during the playback, is a celebration of music. Keep on Turnin’ is a stereo system that brings back the pleasure of music. As an alternative to the usually identical and mostly technical design of stereo systems it should find its place as a piece of furniture. It convinces by its sound experience and serves a decorative quality piece of furniture.

Check out the video to see the piece in action.